Some Fundamental Thoughts on Leadership

In business, leadership is concerned with multidimensional managerial and administrative aspects principally related to industry, commerce, economics, technology, and political farsightedness. Of late, leadership has become perhaps the most attention grabbing area of management sciences. It will not be completely wrong if we define leadership in the following way: Leadership can be defined as a sustained process that helps an individual to derive desired results with the help of his or her followers, superiors, subordinates, and peers and deliver optimum performance for the well being of the society and the world at large. Leadership theories basically focus on the qualities that create the difference between a person who is a leader and a person who is a follower but not a leader. In special circumstances, a follower may also behave like a leader. For example, suppose you know French but don’t know German and I know German but don’t know French. Now, we enter a language exchange. In doing that, you will have to use your leadership qualities while you would teach me French. And I will have to use my leadership qualities when you would sit to learn German from me. In this way, leader-follower roles may get interchanged. Also, during crisis, a subordinate may lead his or her superior without even a proper permission or formality. A widely known example is Napoleon Bonaparte of France. On an occasion in his early career, regardless of his authorities and without waiting for instructions, Napoleon had opened fire on a hostile mob with explosives and canons.

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