Social Shaping Theory

In order to understand the social shaping theory, a researcher must explore the works of Mackenzie and Wajcman (1985). The authors, in fact, pioneered the concept of social shaping as put in an organised way in their research on the basis of historical analysis. Earlier, scholars like Dosi (1982) had tried to draw attention of the academic world towards influence of society on technology. Dosi (1982) marked technological developments of almost all categories as consequences of an intricate interplay between different economical and institutional factors in the human society as a whole. Although this practically turns technological determinism almost upside down, inclusion of institutional factors remains quite practical and necessary in the context of giant corporations and capitalist democracies. As put forward by the experts like Williamson (1975) and Mackenzie and Wajcman (1985), corporations approach plays an important role to investigate the function of the different corporate institutions behind financing the various support mechanisms for technological research.

This is an excerpt. More info is available here.

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