Is It Logical or Possible to Have Follower-Leaders?

Can a person be a follower and a leader simultaneously?

Without going to the intricacies of academics and literature, one can say that being a leader and a follower simultaneously is quite impossible. For example, suppose Mr. A follows Mr. B and leads Mr. C. In that case, Mr. C is indirectly following Mr. B and Mr. A has got someone to follow him only because he is following someone else. In logical language, one cannot lead and follow another at the same time. Therefore, time sharing in leadership practices is a must. Otherwise, follower leaders cannot be created. For instance, Mr. A follows Mr. B on working days, and Mr. B follows Mr. A on holidays. In this case, both A and B are mutual follower leaders. This kind of logical reasoning may appear to be a bit novel. However, ‘follower-leader’ is a known phrase indeed. According to Madden (2011), “As followers and follower-leaders, we have an incredible power—it’s the power of choosing who we want to follow and invest in.” So Madden’s book The Synergetic Follower can be utilized as a useful resource for researching the leadership style of follower leaders. Yet, experiential learning cannot be regarded as sufficient for defining such a novel leadership style. More research is thus very necessary.

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